Statin’ My Case….

Ladies and gentleman of the jury, I am here today to present the case for Enlightened Rogue Fitness and why you, as retiring, or retired, citizens of this great country should be entitled to a healthy, robust, fully functioning and attractive body.

After years of detailed forensic work, we have dispelled all the mind numbing misinformation, wives’s tales and rampant Bro’ Science that is so prevalent today and we have come up with a program that will once again make you feel young, vibrant and most assuredly, relevant and valued again.

We have made all the mistakes for you, listened to all the self servers, sustained the needless injuries and gained and lost untold pounds in our quest for the perfect body solution.

You won’t see any air-brushed, professionally lit models to make you feel inadequate and self conscious. No phony supplements with arbitrary product discounts to loosen your wallet.

The diet denizens and non-certified gym rats you’ve been misled by are masters of obfuscation, confusion and perplexity.

They can complicate a steel ball. Which leaves you disappointed and confused. No more.

After 40 or 50 years of slaving it out for corporate America, this is your time. We will show you how to reclaim your health and fitness and live out your golden years in a strong and durable body.

Time to experience the rewards of your life long efforts. It’s time to reap, so….

Our mission:
Is to provide the most accurate and effective health and fitness information and solutions to seniors wishing to embark on their long awaited and over due adventure.

Let’s do this.

Please note: I welcome comments that are offensive, illogical or off-topic from readers in all states of consciousness.

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