“She’ll See You Now”

You know your shit but you hate this process. The dumb hypotheticals. The intentional waiting. The unreasonable scrutiny. Someone’s going to judge you on their own quirky set of values. It’s visceral. How do you prepare for that?

You just have to be comfortable in your own skin and bring it….the confidence and self assurance physical conditioning gives you. Presence.

A quick flight check:

You feel alive, vibrant, clean. Your respiration’s even. You look down and see buckle instead of belly. Your palms aren’t clammy and you’re sitting up straight. Ramrod straight.

Your legs feel powerful and you feel your delts trying to push through the corners of your jacket. You’re tight, your fit, you’re ready. Key.

You’re an organized, highly efficient, fully functioning human being. On purpose.

You’ve made the most of your gender selection. It all comes down to confidence, demeanor and presentation.

When the secretary says, “She’ll see you now,” you know all of your principled conditioning and sweat equity is going to come through….today.

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