There are a lot of mentors out there who will tell you how to inflate yourself to prospective employers. I’ve seen advice ranging from what to wear, what to say, how to act and even emulating the postures of your interviewers like some sacred kabuki dance. Once you’ve donned your peacock feathers, you can only hope you won’t be exposed during the trick question portion of your inquisition.

But what of your inquisitor? What’s their strategy? Their responsibility? Besides onboarding you into their ant farm, how are they positioning themselves? Well, puffery works both ways. When you read the posting, you will think these folks are onto the cure for cancer and you will be joining the ranks of the business elite.

Do you wait for the big reveal at the salary negotiations? If they want you, and want to get you at a bargain, they can resort to cannabilising their own mission statement. Right in front you. I just had someone say, “Why would you even want this crappy job?” They tell me the day-to-day can be murder on my sanity and my home life. As long as it doesn’t murder my bank account, we can keep talking.

Puffery works both ways. Be aware of it. Do your due dilligence. That way, when they open the curtains you won’t be surprised…..or crestfallen.


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