Podcasting: The next (logical) step!


I definitely have a face for radio!

Podcasting! What was I thinking all these years? It’s the perfect spleen venting forum for a totally fed up shit house entrepreneur like me. Where have I been all my life? I have the potential to inflict myself on 800 million listeners. What’s not to like?

I did a bunch of research on RSS feeds, subscription models, interview techniques and how to get rated on iTunes. There are tons of so-called podcasts out there but content is scarce. Good content, that is. These can run from 10 minutes two 2 hours an episode. Who the hell is that interesting? I mean, besides me? Some folks broadcast 7 days a week. Jerry Lewis couldn’t keep that pace up.

A lot of it is the same old fluffy baloney about how to be successful, manage your time (given today’s economy, I don’t think that’s a burning issue) spiritual enlightenment, suck up to get a job or how to make Metamucil cookies. There are even many about how to actually produce the podcast and add interviews through Skype. Tons of great info out there. Ya gotta have something to say, though. And impart it.

Sales and Marketing trends in the corporate world burn fiercely and then smolder out and morph into the next big thing. Where “Winning” and “Storytelling” was the hot button for a couple of years, now, the “War on Procrastination” has commenced. Oh, that’s a big one. Well, not if you’re unemployed:) They offer to call you every morning, give you a list of what you should get accomplished for the day then call you that night for accountability. What’s next? Sleepovers? Yeah, that’s why I left the corporate world, so I wouldn’t have to make any of my own decisions. Right?

As many of you know, I am a visual creative with a business background that helps companies and clients communicate effectively with their audiences. I languished in the bowels of large companies until I created my way out. By using tools that are readily available to understand the digital landscape and to re-invent yourself instead of waiting for your headhunter to get back from Aruba.

On my Enlightened Rogue Podcast, which will be audio AND video I will start sharing my experiences and how I not only survived but thrived in this cold cruel business world. I came in at 35 with fresh set of eyes after years of playing music, stand up comedy and 20 years as a professional chef. That’ll give ya whiplash, fer sher!

I’m a baby boomer and I’ll be the first to tell you that boomers are your obstacles. Traditionally trained at Wharton, Dartmouth, Harvard and Yale. Most of them are in the box where thinking outside of it is not allowed. Or understood.

That’s your problem. If you have to stay in the game while these guys are running out the clock, don’t count on any succession planning conversations anytime soon. Tick! Tick!

So, very soon, I will be making information available so that you can subscribe to my podcast if you wish to do so. There will be no pulled punches, no B.S. and no promises to make you rich, go to heaven or throw your Viagra out the window.

There will be valuable information and interesting interviews to share about using media in today’s market and to think and look at business differently. It is critical!

Remember: “You cannot lose with the stuff I use.”



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