Man Up!

I love being a man. Love every minute of it. Love all the pain of it. I love the testosterone that courses through my veins.

I love the opportunity that being a man presents.

I love the opportunity to fight and die for my country. To live by the code of “women and children first.”

To voluntarily be the last one off that sinking ship. I revel in it.

I love being a breadwinner. To head off into a dreary, cold and stormy Monday while my family is safe and warm in their beds, comforted in the knowledge that I would never let them down. Ever.

What a precious gift!

I treasure all my lock ups, detentions, conscriptions, being on the run, detoxes, black eyes, bloody noses, forced marches and sleeping in the rain.

I loved being in a holding cell with my gang and tormenting our captors so they would beat us so badly they couldn’t present us to a judge.

I loved getting high in a balmy jungle with mortars walking in.

I love the smell of gun powder.

I love the muscle on my body. I love the sweat and grind it takes to put it there.

I love the total awareness of my well trained human movement system.

I love being brought to my knees….and getting up again.

I love being the oldest of ten and having next to nothing.

I love women. Love ’em all. I love their smell, their delicate nature and their wisdom. Surely a reason to live.

I love the fact that men can age and actually become more handsome. Wrinkles and all.

I love the adventure and the uncertainty of everything.

Manhood isn’t that thing between your legs, it’s a badge of honor. We should strive to measure up to that honor. Every waking moment.

James Brown was wrong when he sang “This Is A Man’s World.” It’s not, but it sure is an honor to be a man in this world.

Man up!

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