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Your face is where you should also be looking when you are gauging your weight loss progress in the bedroom mirror.

When we think of eating right, losing weight and getting in shape, most of our focus is on bellies, butts and thighs. We have a tendency to overlook the barometer of our well being…..our face.

We need to look more at our faces when we are measuring our health and fitness goals. Your face is what you present to the world every day. It’s what you lead with. The first thing.

Your face is also where you start seeing the rewards of your efforts. The jowls disappear, the bloat goes away and the jawline is revealed again.

The tired and world weary puffiness around the eyes recedes and they start to look bigger, brighter, more empathetic, more welcoming and caring.

You look more alive and “with it.” All your inherited qualities come through in bold relief. You might see your parents again. I did.

Your inner beauty isn’t blurred by the extra weight you have forced yourself to accept as the unwanted flesh falls away.

Like a sculptor passionately chipping away on his slab, you start to see the masterpiece taking shape. You.

It changes you. It inspires you to keep going. It peels years off your birth certificate.

You will feel pretty again, handsome again, young again, vital again and most of all, worthy of yourself again.

Look up, take it all in. The satisfaction on your beautiful face is worth the journey.

Face it.

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