In Good Form

Last Thursday, after throwing my lanyard at some under paid security guard and then being summarily escorted off the Verizon site, I felt like having a quick lunch and heading to the gym.

As I backed out onto my driveway, the garage door released and jammed like this. I didn’t want to leave it like that, so I jiggered it so it would close cleanly. After some doing, I took off for the gym to work on my frustrations.

At the gym, I really went at it. Nothing like the grip of cold steel and the smell of gym rats.

The next morning I could hardly get out of bed. My neck, my back, my stomach muscles felt like they were pulled out, twisted and put back in again. I thought I really overdid it at the gym.

That’s a worry because I work out hard. I like to work out hard and I want to keep on working out hard. So I start to fret.

I don’t need some doctor (who doesn’t work out) with his hand on his chin, telling me I have to kick it back a notch because of my age. Grrrrr.

Then it hit me. I always use correct form when I exercise. But I didn’t on the garage door. I was in a hurry and never contemplated the injury from different, unused muscle groups.

Always use good form. Think. Whether you’re taking something out of the oven, the washing machine or the fridge. Think first because you might not remember what it was that injured you.

Then someone might misdiagnose you and give you something to take the edge off.

Don’t ask.

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