I Was My First Client

All the benefits from getting certified as a personal trainer at 70 years old went directly to me. I shaved almost fifty pounds off my tired, bloated, frame, added pounds of muscle, got off of statins, dropped my blood pressure, lost my aches and pains and attained athlete status at the ripe old age of 74.

I have not been sick even one day in four years. Not even a sniffle.

In 2016, at the VA rehab, while detoxing off of alcohol and Xanax, they told me I was a ticking time bomb and I better be using my walker in the hallways. I was high risk. I felt defeated.

Now, I’m an Elder Athlete!

I run five miles every night, lift weights and ride a bike a total of 80 minutes every day back and forth to work. I have never experienced such health and wellness.

And every morning I love what I see in the mirror. You can’t put a price on that.

It’s there for all of us. The medical community tells us to brace ourselves for illness and physical breakdown. They’re just following med school protocol.

When I had head pain from statins at 52, the doc told me this was par for the course. Nothing is further from the truth. Use it or lose it.

I’m using it and I’m damn sure not gonna lose it. We’re made for the long haul, don’t let ’em shit ya!

Get out there!


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