How to stick out in Big Pharma!


Want to get noticed by the big guys in Dupont and take a bunch of senior directors down with you? Simple! Write a song about your biggest product on it’s 10th anniversary, dress up like Elvis and perform it in front of 1500 employees at the annual National Sales Meeting. Once I played the demo for the home office in the Wilmington De. headquarters, they went for it. Big time!

I acted like a true rock star though. I demanded a baby grand piano on the stage, my own sound engineer and lighting director, even the green M&Ms removed from the candy bowl:)

I wanted the whole nine yards or I wouldn’t go on. They acquiesced. Couldn’t believe it!

But there was a catch. They wanted me to dress up like Elvis so some big wig could yell “Elvis has left the building” after I exited the stage. There’s corporate originality for you.

They came up with the wig, the glasses, the skin tight jump suit and the cape.

The kielbasa was my idea.

HR issue right there. But hey, now even they were noticing me. Autographs anyone?

So how do you stick out in big pharma? Creativity, chutzpah and oh yeah, a large kielbasa.

After what I thought was one CLM* too many, I was told the global tour would start in two weeks. They couldn’t wait to inflict me on the rest of their unsuspecting organization.

That’s showbiz I guess!

* Career limiting move for you newbies!

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