Ground Level

With the recent loss of my little dog, I can honestly say that I now have nothing left in my life of any real value. To lose.

Nothing that anyone could blackmail me over or hold for ransom. I’m down to the ground.

My only dependence these days is on the U.S. government. My worldly goods were either hornswoggled, defauIted on, or pawned.

I own no furniture, kitchen utensils, jewelry, musical instruments, real estate or motor vehicles.

I’ve gone by the point of caring about worldly possessions.

I have no one left to disappoint. There’s no one to report me missing.

And it is freeing. All the sturm and drang of daily life is beneath me. I won’t major in minors.

I owe no one and no one owes me. Because in the end, nothin’ from nothin’ means ….freedom.

Freedom of the soul.

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