Fair? What’s Not Fair?


Fair. Every time I hear that word I get pissed off. If it doesn’t have to do with the weather or a line drive to left, it has to be the most grating, irresponsible, bullshit excuse on the planet. “But that’s not faaaiiirrr!”

Memo: Life’s not fair, OK? You want fair? Oh no you don’t, trust me. If life was fair and all things were equal, we would all have to get our fair share of malaria, dysentery, Ebola, live in the middle of a war zone, constantly hit with typhoons, earthquakes and be taking a dump in the Ganges. Lest I forget, have some dictator killing off your families and friends for political (or worse, religious) reasons. So don’t tell me you want fairness or your fair share with a straight face. There’s no fair share there.

Here’s another great idea: Let’s take the largest job providers and organizations that create disease curing drugs and tax them into County Cork. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Let’s distribute all that wealth so we can all keep our unemployment checks, food stamps and entitlements for the next 20 years. That would be fair wouldn’t it? Sure it would. Those fat cats have your shit man, and you know that ain’t fair. Let’s level the playing field all around shall we?

So let’s try this, let’s try crawling out of our cozy little cubicles and have an original thought. Let’s knock off the self pity around the water cooler because your boss doesn’t understand you or get your value to the company. Let’s stop the hissing across the table at the cafeteria and go home and reinvent ourselves. Let’s get in the game.

If you work for a company you are basically getting an allowance, so you may as well be doing chores for your uncle Wilbur. And don’t be sticking your chest out at your lame retirement party because you put your life on hold for 35 years. No one gives a shit that you had that much tolerance. Convicts do the same thing and they don’t get a party.

So as your laying on your deathbed at the end of your carefully controlled, risk averse life and you ask yourself the inevitable question: How did I live my life?  Did I take chances? Did I express myself to the fullest? Was I all that I could be? How will you rate your experience as a human? Was it good? Was it bad? Was it it great? Was it hell?

Meh, it was fair.



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