Doctor’s Orders?


“Take two of these and call me in the morning.”

As you can probably tell, having hit the big 7-0, I have a fixation with primarily two things: my physical condition and how my age group is being utilized in the business world. You can peruse the obituaries and see how many of  my contemporaries  are being felled by a multitude of illnesses. If “Life is not a dress rehearsal” ever rang true, it’s now.

I’m seeing a whole bunch of seventy-somethings just starting out on the most difficult career paths of their lives. Especially in the political world. I don’t mind dying but I don’t want it to be by my own hand. I’ll be sick enough without regrets, thank you.

So last night, I went to the gym to do some aerobics because of weather. I usually like to ride my bike outside or enjoy a brisk walk with my dogs. I’ve never ridden a stationary bike over there yet so I thought I would give it a try.

They have TVs all over the place but I would rather watch people and their exercise routines. The folks I see usually fall into two groups: The self motivated, semi-narcissistic group (me) and the “doctor’s order’s” group.

The self motivated group I call peacocks. If ever you wanted to see someone enjoying the benefits, it’s them.

The “doctor’s orders” body language is unmistakable. They were sent, not driven. They have that lost look as they move from machine to machine and never look in the mirror. They’ll either have a trainer or a piece of paper that dictates the order and repetitions of each exercise. The look of resignation is all over them. Been there, done that.

The “doctor’s orders” group has yet to receive that bio feedback that keeps most of us coming back for more. That’s too bad, because they have yet to know the patience and confidence that comes with a positive lifestyle change. I’ve had to do it many times in my own life and know about the struggle first hand.

Like the brain, the human body is set up to work and whatever doesn’t get used will atrophy. I’m not going to wait for my wake up call or some out of shape physician to send me packing to some gym, I’m going to take my iron pills today  so I can deal with tomorrow, tomorrow. I will go out swinging.

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