If I couldn’t detach, I’d be dead. I’ve lost everything. More than everything. I’m below sea level.

I had to detach when they were taking my belt and shoelaces at the VA hospital rehab unit. I had to detach to endure the yelling and screaming at night on the ward.

I had to detach when some skinny, out of touch psych told me I was near death, a health risk and I would not be released.

I had to detach when I realized my life partner had other intentions in our divorce settlement and filed charges against me.

I had to detach when I found myself in a hotel room in Arizona, on the run, out of money and out of options.

I had to detach when she shut my bank accounts down and raised the ire of the IRS.

I had to detach when I read the government’s threats against me.

I had to detach when the repo man came for my car.

How can I be so detached? Easy, as a long time video producer, I know it’s just a movie. I just happen to be the hero in this movie, and like all formulaic offerings, the good guy always wins.

We all know that if you kill off the good guy, the movie tanks. Can’t have that, can we?

So sit back and enjoy. We’re only three quarters through and there will be lots of close calls and near misses, but our hero will always prevail.

He might even get the girl.  🙂

Want some popcorn?

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