Confessions of a Stickie-Note Guy


Okay, here are three things that are happening with me that I didn’t expect and that I definitely attribute to my healthy lifestyle.

First, I have always been a stickie-note guy. I could never remember anything. I would have stickies stuck on everything. Even my forehead.

Every night I would write down exactly when I went to bed, because I could never remember when I got up. That has changed. I I remember everything now. What time I went to bed, what I need to pull out of the dryer, and even where I dropped my sweats. Amazing.

I remember the web site and what I was working on the night before. In perfect detail. Scary. Almost.

Second, it seems my eyesight is getting better. I have taken to running at night without my glasses. At 73, it used to be one big psychedelic blur. Not so, anymore.  I’ve even been forgetting to put my glasses on when I get in. I can’t read like I used to, but everything else is a lot better.

Third, and this is the weirdest. 25 years ago, I got a complete physical in L.A., from a noted sports doc. After the exam, I asked him if he could prescribe something for the nasty toenail fungus I had acquired since my re-lo to Phoenix. His exact words were, “Sorry, that’s going in the box with you, just try to keep your nails short and keep your socks on.”

Well, it’s gone. All of it. I have been so used to not looking down there for obvious reasons, I never realized it had cleared up. Now I can take my socks off.  🙂

The take home: Everything gets better when you do. So get better and never listen to conventional wisdom. You’re better than that, right?

Dangest thing, this healthy living stuff, ain’t it?

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