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My name is Bob O’Hearn aka The Enlightened Rogue

And I want to share my story and what has worked for me to get into the best shape of my life starting at 70.

I’m am an entrepreneur, a content creator and a compulsive communicator. I have been sharing my forward thinking ideas and solutions in social media for decades.

I developed most of my online skills in big pharma sales and marketing while acting as a territory manager in the field.

I developed and managed web sites and newsletters for nuclear cardiology customers of Dupont and Bristol Myers Squibb.

I was soon promoted and brought in-house to run my own multimedia department.

I am an idea generator. I write books, music, articles and blogs. I have been posting “The Enlightened Rogue Blog” for ten years as well as Enlightened Rogue Fitness.

I script, produce, edit and deliver professional corporate video to train, communicate and enlighten.

I am an accomplished writer, video producer, editor and graphic designer.

I studied music at the Berklee College of Music for guitar and piano and also at the Chef’s Training Institute to be a professional chef. I spent 25 years in busy kitchens.

I have taken the stage at Catch A Rising Star and Stitches comedy clubs. Fearless or foolish, you be the judge.

I am also a passionate health and fitness writer, certified in personal training, weight loss, nutrition, and senior fitness. I train most of my my clients online.

My fitness journey has been remarkable in that six years ago I was severely overweight and addicted to prescription meds and alcohol. I had to go into a VA rehab to shake my demons.

I call the process from “Detox to Reeboks.” I am currently writing that book.

All of which I share with my clients to help them to reach their goals.

Please note: I welcome comments that are offensive, illogical or off-topic from readers in all states of consciousness.

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