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To be seen, stand up. To be heard, speak up. To be appreciated, shut up!  You don’t blog just to shoot your trap off, you do it to help people and build trust. I read an article the other day from one of the “experts” in social media who make their living by getting you to subscribe to their newsletters and blogs. Blogging is definitely a cottage industry these days and a lot of them have numbered, bulleted, stepwise  approaches to success, money, motivation, sales, marketing and having it all. Hmmm, sounds like Hay House.

One of the things that caught my eye and made me think, was the subject of blog content and what to do when you run out of ideas. Now, it’s probably just me, but I’m thinking if you’re an expert in your field, you are hot on your subject and you have a world of experience, (as claimed) you would never have that problem. I mean, we ain’t writing novels here.

There are some very smart people out there with lots of information to share but a lot of them are trying to monetize it. And that’s a problem. As I see it, it starts when you get desperate and over generalize your communications by offering “How My Dog Taught Me To Negotiate.” Then you’re sliding down that greasy pole in my book.

I get something every Monday morning from an angel investor who ran out of ammo a year ago. He has committed to that schedule so dammit that’s what we’ll get. His intellectual groping can be painful to watch. He wanders way off course to grab your interest. He’ll even  discuss psychiatry, astrology and relationships. Thank God, now I can fire my therapist.

So what comes first the subject or the blog? Much like the chicken and egg conundrum, I’m even starting to wonder what Seth Godin is talking about. He hits my inbox for the first time at 6:00 am every day no matter what. If he doesn’t hit his point in the first line, he’s gone. Here’s an example: “While reading this sentence, hum your favorite pop tune while writing down the first 15 prime numbers, in order.” Cognitive load, indeed. I love the guy but he has to respect my limits.

I have blog drafts lined up out the wazoo. I just cannot shut the hell up about what I do. If I don’t have anything to say, I clamp it. I also stay out of anything that can be covered by Wayne Dyer,  Dr. Ruth or Howard Stern. I’m not going to tell you how to do anything but create great content by considering all the approaches and putting a lot of thought into it. Period. Oh yeah, and I love to bitch about on-line clutter.

There are so many facets to what I do I can go on ad nauseam. Forever! (Like now) When I put a blog post together there is no schedule. I can put out three in one day or none for a week. I write as the spirit moves me. I am totally issue driven. I am usually breathing heavy, mumbling, scribbling notes and typing at the same time. I take my blood pressure immediately after I hit the update button. Then I spend the rest of the day deleting and republishing due to a heavy mix of remorse and paranoia.

So, I really don’t get that content stuff. I say write what you feel and feel what you write. Right? As I said, to be seen…


Don’t push, you’ll hurt yourself.




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