Are You Stable?

In my quest to recapture my health, my sanity and my long lost lust for living, I will need to train and maintain my body so I can live a long and productive life. Notice I left out happy? I’m not that naive. 🙂

I’m now finding I have to deal with something I’ve always taken for granted: balance, or neuromuscular stability. Lack of balance is how folks at any age start their downward spiral into the healthcare system. With emphasis on downward, there are no happy campers on the healthcare circuit.

It seems a natural progression, you get a little older, lose your balance, break something, like a bone that hasn’t been strengthened, it doesn’t heal quickly, and everything else falls out of alignment.

You go into therapy, get on the meds, get even more disoriented, fall down again and on it goes.

I will take no of that thank you very much. If I can help it, that is. And it seems I can.

I am officially back to doing what I have always thought of as “time wasters” Like in standing on one foot like a pink flamingo, to train the body to maintain equilibrium as well as other assorted stabilizing exercises.

That is, if I want to avoid the cascade of hell I just described.

I won’t go through a step by step stabilization protocol here, it should only serve to stress the importance of having a stable, balanced body as to avoid common injuries that can sideline you.

My aim here is to bring your attention to it. For now.

You want to be on the stage, not in the audience. You want to headline, not sideline.

Steady, steady.

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