“We really got a hold on ya!”


Yes, we do. The “stick to your ribs” musical excellence that spawned from my generation, from a tiny room in Detroit, is still alive and kicking. Everywhere. I swear my dentist bought the entire Hitsville, USA catalogue. If “Smokey” Robinson doesn’t get in your eyes, I fear there’s no hope for you. I hear young people, (who weren’t even an impure thought when I was a kid) singing along and sharing where they were when they first heard The Temptations, The Four Tops, Marvin, Diana and Stevie. Does a body good. Takes a bit of the edge off of Vietnam. I can’t imagine a grunge band playing at a supermarket, an elevator or a doctor’s office, although it has its place. In the dentist chair this morning my eyes started to well up at the sounds and elegance of a time gone by. Its still here though, for us to romanticize, fantasize and even politicize. If the blues had a baby and called it rock & roll, then I’m one proud papa. Can I get a witness?

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