Unfortunately…. you’re a moron!


Co-pilot Bailey says “Woof TF?

Excuse me, but what year is this? I drive a 2015 Lexus SUV. The other day the computer screen went blank and kept rebooting. This thing runs my phone, the climate, directions and even controls my garage door opener.

When I call the company, they inform me they are having “satellite” issues and I need to bring my car in for a 30 minute update.

So, instead of a pleasurable afternoon of issuing death threats to slow payers, I have to drive to frickin’ Natick in rush hour so you can deal with a problem you’re having with something in space?

Then she said it. The word. The word that turns me into a verbal ass kicking machine, “unfortunately”. Unfortunately?

Any aspiring CSR or IT support person knows better than to start a sentence with that word.

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s my goddam Lexus!

Welcome to the 19th century.

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