Where resumes go to die!


I started this blog and the accompanying video after my wife signed me up for “Jobs for Robert”. She thinks getting me out of the house every day to a steady gig instead of the hit and run video productions that having me emptying out the medicine cabinet will make my life less stressful. She has a point. This work can and does make me crazy.

So I agree. What the hell, time to hang up my jammies. Then the onslaught of video production and social media job openings start blasting out of her computer. Panicked, I updated my resume, made a boilerplate cover letter and started batting everything she sent me out of the park. Yeah, baby!

I don’t think much about it until my wife asks me if I’ve heard anything from any of these companies. That was months ago I say. She’s skeptical. Nothing? Nothing! So yesterday I read an article by Robin Schooling called “PSA: One Candidate’s Experience” and another called Recruiting Daily. Got my attention in a hurry, I’ll tell ya.

“Snowballs in Hell” I’m thinking. I have a business and no kids and doing pretty well but I can’t imagine what kind of grief a desperate mother, father or recent grad with with a big fat tuition bill must have to go through.

As I say in the piece, it’s a buyer’s market and a convenient one at that. Add to that, any company can fire you for absolutely no reason at all, none. I bet there’s not a whole lot of bitchin’ going on at the coffee machine these days.

If you’ve read any of my stuff, you know how I feel about hitching your caboose to a runaway train. If you are in the system, put on a happy face, like the one on that Kool-Aid pitcher or buckle down and start nailing the planks together for your new platform, or scaffold, which ever you prefer.

For me, I’m too far gone to be institutionalized but I have a platform which includes video, podcasting, blogging and any social media too busy to monitor my insanity. Good luck out there.


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