Gone, gone, gone.

When you got nothin’, you got nothin’ to lose.

Now, at 71, I got nothin’. Gone. Everything that was in this POD, that represented my life, was either pumped or dumped. Guitars, clothes, equipment, furniture, anything worth money. I fell victim to my own risky lifestyle.

I am now leaner in every sense of the word. I’m also financially lighter and less complicated. But I’m none the worse for wear after all I’ve been through.

And it feels good. I feel good. To think of how much time I spent fretting over property and plunder makes me weary. Today was the last time I will have to make the drive to Nashua to inspect my sole belongings.

Everything I have now will fit into my SUV. I know, because that’s where it is right now. Ready.

I am not out of the woods yet. I am left with a myriad of financial woes which I will have to reconcile. And I will. I have a life full of challenging experiences to draw from. I used to think of them as a burden. I was wrong.

I’ve been in a war. I’ve been on a ward. I’ve been beaten unconscious. I’ve been drunk, sober and everything in between. I’ve been on the killing floor.

I’m broke, been broke before. If I have to do some time, done time before. At least in jail, I will have no problem making rent. I’ve been married too. I won’t do that again.

I’m sure there’s a lesson here, but I don’t do lessons, lessons are for schoolboys.

Life ain’t gonna chastise me into the dirt. I still have a few hands to play. And….I cannot be embarrassed.  🙂

I am on deck and waiting to get up to bat again. Luckily, I have a very short memory and a foolish but creative history. As Buddy Guy says, “Be careful with a fool.”

See you around.



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