I started a joke … and it paid off.

How and where it all began …. Arizona, 1999.
The alarm bells went off at the home office in Billerica Ma. that day. I told them I was going to send this out to all my customers. I didn’t send it out, but six months later a customer in Las Vegas said, “Aren’t you the guy in the tub?”

But, as I’m fond of saying, “sometimes you can be so far ahead, you may as well be behind.” An actual review: “Well, Bob, it looks like you really have a lot going on here. High sales numbers, Training Council, Western District web site, two newsletters, News From The Left and the Kaiser Hot Spot, as well as the videos you been creating for sales training. I’m trying to promote you up but we really don’t know what to do with you.” 🙂

Never quit your day job.

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