Daily Progress

I measure the success of my day by  progress. I have a dizzying array of varying interests and if I think of all of them at once I could exhaust myself go back to bed. I’m deeply involved in nutrition and physicality and all the benefits. That knowledge saved my life.

I write. I write every day. If I’m not writing because I have something to say, I write to see if have something to say.

I’m writing two books and I manage my blog, “The Enlightened Rogue.”

I’m working on my web sites, my upcoming podcast, learning new software programs to enhance my video production chops that includes music, motion graphics, graphic design, and thousands of weird little plug-ins.

I’m reading a killer marketing book “Fascinate”  by Sally Hogshead and “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’. by Michael Manson.

I’m an inch worm. A little every day.

I write music. I devote at least an hour every day to piano and guitar techniques. I practice the piano just before bed so I know I’ll be able to drift off. I create set lists for comedy and music gigs. I create intros and openers for who-knows-what, who-knows-when.

Ya never know.

I’m deeply involved in Youtubing and vlogging now. I upgraded my phone and now I’m seriously back into video. My first love.

I realize after much futility, that the job market has no need for my services at this stage of my life, so I have to do the side hustle to keep me out of VA housing. Where incidentally, dogs are not a good idea.

When I get into bed, the only concern I have, beside falling asleep is how much progress I’ve made. There is so much to do before I lay down for good.

For that, I’m grateful.



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