Am I Delusional?

Maybe. I’ve been beating my chest for the last four years about how I regained my health, my strength and my vitality by training my body, feeding myself correctly and educating myself on all things physical.

I put an enormous amount of effort into getting certified as a personal trainer and delving into nutrition, weight loss, and senior fitness.

At 74, I consider myself an elder athlete with absolutely no restrictions and minimum medications.

I take Flomax for an enlarged prostate (normal for most older men) and low dose Losartan for blood pressure. 50 mg puts my blood pressure at 100 over 65. Not too shabby for a so-called declining geezer.

Now the delusional part: Do I think I will come down with the virus? No. Do I think if I do come down with it, I will survive it? Yes. Am I delusional? Of course, but I like my odds.

I like my odds because I am in peak condition not just for my age, but for anybody’s age.

I learned after years of traumatizing and poisoning myself, that with proper care and feeding your body will always welcome your prodigal self back.

With open arms.

No one knows what the future holds but one thing is sure – our herd will get picked off and it’s a safe bet that the weaker, less conditioned and malnourished will be impacted.

These are the times that challenge our physicality and our grit. It is impacting our finances and the means by which we make a living. You can’t work if you’re not healthy.

Once this is over, as I’m sure it will be, we must remember that a long, healthy life isn’t a “crap shoot” as I often hear.

Certainly, life is unpredictable but we don’t need to exacerbate it by simply doing nothing to bolster our health and strengthen our bodies. No train, no gain.

Our responsibility to ourselves, our families and our Maker, should be to always take good care of the gifts we are walking around in, so we might survive and thrive in times like these.

My advice? Get delusional.

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