Alone Again, Naturally

Here we go again. That lonesome, misunderstood and bewildered feeling is back.

I have always said that when you are so far ahead of the pack, you may as well be behind. Because nobody’s listening.

When you have ideas that are outside the norm, get ready for isolation.

When you have tried and true approaches to getting the one thing a starving organization desperately needs, ATTENTION, you’re thinking they will embrace your company saving solution.

And you would be wrong. For the moment. If history is any indicator.

I pitched my creative ideas to the big guy yesterday in the men’s room of all places.

The desperately needed messaging coming out of his team is third grade level at best, and downright laughable at worst.

I thought the timing was right, I was wrong.

The response was underwhelming. The only thing missing was the crickets.

You could see in his eyes that he wanted to be anywhere but where he was at that moment.

Standing in front of me..

I was waiting for the long “Anyway” they usually interject mid sentence when they’ve had enough.

I’ve been here before. Many times.

It’s part of the process and I understand it.

They thought I was bat shit crazy before I created my own position in Dupont and Bristol Myers Squibb as an E-Strategist and video producer.

They told me to get back on my meds and fade into the crowd.

“Don’t push your luck, Bobby”

So this is the isolation part. This is where they tell you to go back to work and do what you’ve always done because you’re making people nervous.

You’re pointing out glaring communication failures and that’s the not the “going along to get along” attitude they’re looking for in their stale little organization.

Nobody wants to get uncomfortable. Not until the wolf comes knocking at their door.

And they reach out in desperation.

Until then, I will remain alone again, naturally. 🙂

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