All dressed up and no face to go!

Graduate final

A couple of articles in the Wall St. Journal this morning caught my attention. One brought up the subject of students graduating college and if it was worth the money.

“Colleges, under increased pressure to justify the cost of education, are having a hard time getting solid proof of graduates’ success in finding well-paying jobs.”

The other, had to do with job hunting seniors.

“As we begin to look for jobs during our senior year, between bouts of temporary alcohol-induced amnesia, we start to suspect that our cluelessness is a real problem. When we find out that the guy who has worn the same Greek function T-shirt and sunglasses backward around his neck for four years has accepted a job offer, panic sets in.”

I can’t imagine, having come from the boomer generation, what it must feel like to complete that level of education and face so much uncertainty in the job market. In my day, if you had that piece of paper, even if you had the drive and personality of a potted plant, you were in. Not only that, you were sought after. Now you are some faceless entrant in the race to nowhere.

Now, you fill out an on line application and upload your resume into the void and hope the database, which doesn’t have a face either, won’t find the wrong word, or one of the boxes wasn’t checked. You most likely will never know. There’s a little torture for you.

As you face the future far from the comfort of your parent’s warm toilet seat, you realize that a little street hustle is in order. The lizard brain rears its ugly head and you struggle.
Entrepreneur is a french word that literally means to “undertake”. It gets flung around in every direction until it means absolutely nothing. It oozes out of speakers on every stage at national sales meetings, business round tables and executive meetings.

What it really means, for you and me, is that we need to tip that box they’re always talking about, the one we’re supposed to be thinking outside of, upside down and shake it. With the technology we have at our disposal, we can become wealthy, self sustainable  and notable without ever leaving the house. I personally do my best work in my pajamas. We won’t have to go suit shopping and learn interview skills to please gate keepers who most likely have their own insecurities.

You may have a four year degree but we’re not going to hold that against you 🙂

Welcome to the jungle!

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