Ain’t Gonna Do It!

Unless they invent a new muscle, I will not renew my personal training certification.

There’s no need. I won’t ever work in a big box gym again. I won’t slough through the politics, the long days, the games, the disingenuous hustle and the absolutely dumb and dangerous practices.

In the four gyms that I have been associated with in different capacities, I would use the term “restroom attendants with monogrammed jerseys” to describe the trainers. They’re not even in shape.

I am so lucky that I never saw three years ago what I’m seeing out here now, or else I would have sent the very expensive NASM training back. I have years of experience in this field.

I have made every major mistake there is and fallen for every diet hoax under the sun and I’m not gonna let an outfit like LA Fitness profit from my real world education. I’m taking it on line.

I now have a Youtube channel set up to share the good, the bad, the ugly and most importantly, the truth, with anyone who wishes to get in shape, avoid the pain and disease associated with aging and remain active and relevant through these golden years.

I’m certified in nutrition, weight loss and my passion, senior fitness.

Stay tuned.

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