A Reminder….

Dear Robert,

Just a note to remind you that we had a meeting scheduled two years ago that you abruptly cancelled. I say, rescheduled. I was of the understanding that you wouldn’t be long in meeting your long awaited obligation to me.

I took you at your word.

Judging from your daily activities and your rigorous regimen, I’m starting to think you have no intention of meeting my needs.

It’s not wise to make me wait. I’m thinking you might be blowing me off for years, even decades.

That doesn’t make me happy, Bob.

Let me remind you of the inevitability of your situation. Pay me now or pay me later doesn’t work here. Besides, I thought we had a deal.

My advice would be to stop the nonsense and get back on the program. We’re supposed to be working from my schedule, not yours. Got it?

Yours in anticipation,


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