A Leap of Faith! (Sometimes all it takes)

Jumping across

The good news is: We want to buy your house. The bad news: You have to un-ass the property by May 31. Aaaaahhhh! I’m moving to Arizona and Susan is staying here to manage her equestrian business. The dumpster just showed up with two Pods soon to follow. I will be indiscriminate in the dumping process, something similar to a military evacuation with the enemy just over the horizon.

Lord knows, I have enough multimedia equipment, accumulated business knowledge and connections to get up and running quickly once my parachute lands. So I’m heading out to start a business, write a book, maybe do some stand up, some inspirational talks and hopefully wash dishes at my favorite Mexican restaurant. If they’ll still have me.

I feel like Hannibal descending out of the Alps. I worked for Dupont out there for 13 years as well as Vegas and that sleepy little state of New Mexico. They don’t call it the land of mañana for nothing. Think I’ll stay out of there unless my insomnia comes back. Been looking for a new opportunity for a long time back here but they’re too buttoned down and set in their ways. You watch the corporate process for thirty years and you might end up at a Tibetan monastery.

I have so many things on my menu I don’t know where to start first. (Have to up my meds.)

Where “The Leap of Faith” comes in is I don’t have anything ready and waiting for me out there. I will probably land at the dead of midnight, find a place to plop and wait for my truck and my pod to arrive. I will have to hit the ground running and I welcome the challenge. Been stuck out here, as many of you know, for fourteen years. Dupont should have never let me see what life was like all over the country then shove me back into Mayberry, U.S.A.

I added this Delbert McClinton song “Leap of Faith” as inspiration to anyone afraid to leap out of their circumstances. I listen to it maybe…every thirty seconds. The guitarist is fabulous. (I hate awesome, the most over used word in the world) As a multi-instumentalist myself, I haven’t touched an instrument in so long I’m not sure if I have any rhythm left. Such are the vagaries of depression. Hope it’s like riding a bike.

When a relationship ends, it’s always preferable if it just peters out (no pun intended) on it’s own, rather than a shock or betrayal or acrimony. None of which is the case here.

So if you’re feeling froggy, leap. You could be jumping into the fire but as they say in Vegas, “No balls, no blue chips.” And if your chute doesn’t open, you’ll have even less  problems. Like…zero. It’s all good.

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