2018: Independence and Relevance

I’ve had my go at marriage, partnership, commiserating, negotiating, sharing and house playing. The goal from here on is to remain relevant and independent. That means healthy in body, mind and spirit. It means a doctor visit once a year, not once a week. It means continued learning, discovery and health.

As boomers, we are entering uncharted territory, if actuarial tables are to be believed. I am not a big fan of hanging around here in less than optimal condition. I see enough end result here to keep me awake at night. I would like to go quickly, not horizontally tubed up and praying for death. In most cases, when it comes to our well being, A for effort counts.

To remain relevant, I have to acquire new skills, a new approach, and keep the spring in my step. At 71, on paper, I figure I’m dead in the water. Unless I get the chance to show up. Just the Vietnam Era contribution on my resume is telling. I’ll draw my own conclusions, thank you very much.

The 5-30-30 is my way of nipping both of these buds. Five days a week I devote a minimum of 30 minutes to vigorous exercise and 30 minutes to self improvement. Right now, I’m studying for a nutrition certification, reading Hemingway and staying current on the many software programs I use on Lynda.com.

I don’t want to spend these years waiting for the bus. It’ll be here before I know it.

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