Your customer on social media!

Drunken Salute

Ever wonder what one of your customers looks like after one of your one sided “all about us” e-mail campaigns? Well, here he is after one of your corporate peltings.

While you marketing folks are all high-fiving each other, your audience is tightening up their spam filters. With empathy out of the equation, you guys are good to go. Right?

How many of you like enduring one way conversations? I’ve been in this game for many years and I don’t like what I’m seeing. The mindlessness, the cluelessness and the outright disrespect of people’s attention. We’re supposed to be having a conversation, remember? It takes two!

I had a market research director tell me once, “never mind this e-strategy stuff. We buy a list of potential and existing customers, we hit ‘em once and get out.” Yeah, how’s that workin’ for ya?
Today’s on line marketing is like a game of tag or paintball. Gotcha! Take that! Another guy told me they “blasted” 9,000 customers and only 90 were opened. Very disappointing. I liken that approach to peeing into a fan.

If your customers look like this guy, you better re-think your approach.

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