Workin’ The Faith Muscle

Over the last few rough and tumble years, I’ve developed my mind and body beyond what I thought was possible. I tweaked and nurtured, toned and honed.

I just about re-invented me physically and mentally. I was punching above my weight class.

But I lost my faith.

I forgot to work my faith muscle. I let it atrophy.

My faith turned to horrible fear and doubt. My loneliness compounded with interest. I went from valiant to victim. I was addicted to uncertainty.

Sometimes I was praying for the end. I was going there anyway, why not now? I had reached my bottom.

Then life forced me to confront myself. I couldn’t cower anymore.

Through meditation and the enlightening solitude of my nightly runs, I’ve finally come home to the fact that to be a human being is to be a miracle.

To be a higher form of intelligence on this magnificent orb is a gift.

And to know that through all the disappointment and tragedy life has handed me, I’m still alive and well.

Better than well.

I know now, to be in fear, I can’t be in faith. To be in faith, I can’t be in fear. You can’t straddle that fence.

I’m working my faith muscle harder than ever these days. It’s part of my routine.

And I’m pumped!

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