Witnessing Brilliance!

Technology in the hands

As a video producer, e-strategist and an “enlightened rogue,” with 30 years plus of experience in the pharmaceutical arena in sales and marketing, I spend a lot of time capturing technical, medical, marketing, biotech, chemistry and  all sorts of business events where ideas and strategies are presented and discussed.

While covering these events, my main focus is to produce, capture and interview all the goings on and package the presentations as re-usable knowledge. With my background, I have a trained ear on what to look for in all of this information so as to be able to highlight it later.

The content I capture is amazing to witness and to listen to. It’s like being in an alternate universe. The jaw dropping ideas and opinions that are expressed at these events amaze, amuse, reveal and confuse. Illuminating to say the least.

Every day I get a refresher on how brilliant we are as a species. I have no idea how these people came to be on this planet. Where have I been all my life? These amazing physicians, business people and venture capitalists  are so far down the road it boggles the mind.

To the human eye, the world can be a mundane, predictable, uneventful place. We are so caught up in the day to day that we never even imagine the brilliance surrounding us. What an honor and a pleasure to watch and capture creativity first hand.

Being in the room when these explosions of ideas and creativity occur is one thing, but when I  review, edit, organize, process, package and distribute the content is when I become even more aware of what I have been privileged to witness. I am in the middle of a huge video project that has me spellbound with interest.

I was extremely impressed at the event but going through the content and listening even more closely, I am at once stunned and delighted at what my fellow humans are up to. What a gift to see the creative process rolling along at full speed. Talk about a free education.

I have to go back at it now but I thought I would share my awe and respect for the scientists, physicians, business adventurers and humanity as a whole, who make this world such an inspiring place. Brilliant.


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