What makes fitness YouTubers dangerous:


If you aren’t buying their programs or their merchandise, or their outlandish approaches to six pack abs and 5% body fat, then they have no other choice than to get YouTube, a.k.a. Google, to pay them for subscribers and views.

Uh, that would be you.

If they can hold you to the mandatory ten minute viewing time algorithm, YouTube will start paying them per view. Some of these guys are making huge money.

The longer they hold you on line, the better. The longer you’re on, the more advertising you will get pummeled with. That’s fine, this is America.

What gets smelly is these muscle heads run out of information (quickly) and they have to resort to click bait, misinformation and character assassination. (Each other)

They will even take previous, correct and useful information and get cute with it.

Some will even kill their own babies and change course completely.

This is sad to watch. But money is money. And views are views.

This where you need your hip boots. The information they’re putting out might not only be incorrect, but dangerous.

This is not going away any time soon and will most likely get worse.

My advice: Watch with a jaundiced eye and keep a clothespin handy.

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