Video is not an afterthought! OK?


Repeat after me: On line video is not an afterthought! It is a discipline. It is not arts and crafts. You might think because your cousin Lenny shot your wedding on his flip cam that anyone can hold a camera and capture the moment. You might be in for a rude awakening.

In an age where everything goes on line and e-mail lives forever, it is amazing what videos I see posted on a lot of corporate web sites. The corporate overview videos I see are mostly self indulgent travelogues that are really suited for new hires not the public or a business they are trying to impress.

Here’s our deal. We don’t spam. We don’t blast. No pop ups. We don’t advertise, no commercials. We’re not even in the phone book. Remember those?

If we are doing business with you it came from word of mouth. People like to feel as though they’re doing business with someone that is knowledgeable, savvy, has a deep empathy for their business and can be trusted.

What we do is too intimate to be marketed like time shares. We put our clients in a light that is admirable, effective, interesting, compelling and gives the audience the whole picture in a short amount of time.

Nothing transfers emotion like video. You just want to make sure it’s the right emotion.

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