Turn Down the Volume!

Loud mouth

Yes, turn that thing down willya? Turn down the noise, the racket, the massive amount of people you’re trying to persuade with every message. The spray.

Volume has a couple of distinct meanings: one is the degree of loudness which can be translated in social media terms as the level of noise someone generates: e-mails, blog posts, tweets, etc. It is also the amount or quantity of something that fills a space.

The amount of noise out there is deafening when it comes to the reach and frequency of messaging to a wide audience. When your business model depends on a loud message to move an audience of tens of thousands of subscribers, followers and potential paying customers, then your message will certainly have to be watered down and generalized to be all things to everyone.

I receive dozens of these types of messages a day all designed with urgency to make me feel like they’re talking to just me. It’s commendable, but they can and do, usually stumble, and where the effort falls short in my opinion. I follow all the top social media and platform building experts not only to learn, but to study and gain insight on patterns and what they’re trying to accomplish with their particular business model. I have a dog in this hunt so I pay very close attention.

Besides trying to “help” us make millions and become speakers, writers and in-demand personalities, I notice the one goal that ties them all together is volume. In order for one of their offerings to take off, it needs a constant flow of topics and insights that can be monetized, wrapped up in a package that will generate a window of opportunity. I see things from an assortment of random thoughts that veer wildly off course, trying to fit the square peg into the round hole.

This constant stream of reinvention is necessary to stay in the game, but turns laughable when “content block” rears its ugly head. The deals and life changing offers, which by the way, show real dollar amounts, attached to them as well as self imposed “by midnight” deadlines before this exclusive offer runs out is just so dumb and self defeating.

I just received this message “7 Keys to Becoming a Million Dollar Author or Expert” which is trying to entice me into joining a webinar today that will make me rich. I don’t unsubscribe to this e-mail foolishness because I find it fascinating to watch what depths someone will go to in order to pull you in. Expert in what? I might ask.

I don’t deny the right of anyone to make a lot of noise and gain a lot of followers or subscribers but I personally think volume based businesses could benefit from the 80-20 rule and speak more directly and intimately with an audience that really wants to hear what they have to say.

These helpful experts are trying to break the decibel level and fill the room with their brand of noise while most of us are tuning out.

To those folks I would only say, hey, it’s your foot, go ahead and shoot.

My opinion.

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