Time for a cold one?

Shiver me timbers, winter is here and it’s an opportunity to burn a lot more fat by using the unavoidable cold weather. Cold induces BAT (brown adipose tissue) which eats WAT (white adipose tissue.) WAT is what we usually think of as fat, like the marbling on a steak.
A WAT cell—an adipocyte—is composed of a single large fat droplet with a single nucleus. BAT, in contrast, is sometimes referred to as “fat-burning fat” and appears to be derived from the same stem cells as muscle tissue.
BAT is why Michael Phelps can eat 12,000 calories a day and why Mt. Everest climbers have to eat lard and butter to keep their body weight up. It’s the cold, baby.
Without weighing you down with more science, here’s a few things I do to keep my body cold and burning fat.
1. I drink 16 oz. of ice water as soon as I get up.
2. I run 5 miles in just a tank top and sneakers. (No drawers, no socks) TMI?
3. I put a cold compress on my neck for 30 minutes a few times a day. Very refreshing.
4. After my run and before I go to bed, I get in the shower, soap up completely then I gird my loins as I turn the nozzle all the way over to the left.
Lord have mercy, it’s as cold as the shady side of my ex-wife.
And let’s not forget how grateful you will feel afterwards.
Yes, BAT is where it’s at. That’s the skinny for today. 🙂

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