There’s no-no on my lips….

So this outfit gets my resume and presumably they like what they see. I get an e-mail, then a phone call, another e-mail, another phone call, and so on. They finally set up a phone interview and we’re good to go. I think.

He spends the first 40 minutes telling me why I’m overqualified and how I’ll hate the job after 5 minutes.

He can’t understand why I would even put myself through something as pedestrian and paltry paying as this position. He is weeding without a whacker.

He continues his negative narrative. Now it’s like I’m not even on the phone with him anymore. He’s doing such a great job, why interrupt?

Toward the end I tell him the job does sound like pretty mind numbing, tedious and thankless work….and maybe he’s right. “Now, wait a minute, Bob…”

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