The Receiving End: Do Unto Others!

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Oh no, it’s him again!

Simple question: Would you want to receive content from you? Would you like to hear all the things you might be doing wrong and how you have the keys to the highway to success? Would you like to hear all the mistakes your making and how your inner demons are holding you back?

Would you like to have some smart ass go as far as to tell you how much money you will make? Like, millions? Then you too could be a brook trout. Open wide.

Most of us don’t have the benefit of having a market research team to fly in a bunch of constipated ego driven experts to confuse and send you off in a 360 degree journey to a foregone conclusion. So really, it always comes back to you doesn’t it? Your gut. Your deep sense of empathy and connection to your audience.

How do I feel when someone launches a digital stink bomb at me? My friends think I’m crazy but I am in the habit of responding back and none of it can be reprinted here. So how would you feel? Oh, never thought of that? “Well, the committee approved it”. Besides what’s the big deal?

If you’re not thinking deeply about how your content will be received and the potential impact it will have to move, train and enlighten your intended target, save your money. I’ve had clients who threw quarters around like sewer covers but would think nothing of flying a half a dozen Madison Avenue experts up to raid the coffers and intimidate everyone they were trying to get to participate in these fuzzy little love fests that no one will watch more than once. Maybe.

The strange thing about this process is a lot of companies feel the more they spend on the project the better . “It has to be good, look at all the money we spent”. I kid you not.


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