The Path of Most Resistance

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the poor house. I discovered that the broker I got, the better I looked. At 73, I am cut, lean, flexible and rugged. I have endurance levels that under similar circumstances would have offed me as a younger man.

My failed financial situation has proven to be a windfall.

I have no car, so I walk, run and bike everywhere. I carry my groceries home for a good mile in the hot sun. Because I have to. I eat only simple, whole foods and drink lots of water. No sodas or soft drinks. Can’t afford it.

I am in a gym before the sun comes up. Every day.

I am never sick. Ever.

Our bodies are made to work. To stretch, to push, to pull, to chase, to flea and to struggle. To resist. To resist predators, enemies, the elements and to resist gravity. When we don’t resist, we atrophy.

When our respiratory systems aren’t challenged, we get sick, we develop all manner of illness and we slowly regress into helplessness.

Technology is removing our starch, our resilience and our resolve. It’s a trap.

We don’t even have to climb a bookshelf for information, it’s right at our fingertips. In short, we ain’t working for it. Instead of hunting, we started putting seeds in the ground and waiting.

We need to progressively overload our muscles or they will turn to mush. We need to eat whole, clean foods and push our heart rates up because today’s technology driven world will not provide the opportunity.

We will lose our independence, our vitality and as I see frequently, the will to live. We will become motorized against our will. God forbid.

Anytime you can put your feet on the ground to get somewhere, do it. Push, pull, lift, squat, jump, run, and celebrate your human movement system for the miracle that it is.

Struggle, for God’s sake.

You will soon see a difference in your body, your outlook and your attitude. You will lose a chin or two and save your own life in the doing.

Always take the path of most resistance.

Go for broke.  🙂



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