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Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 8.01.17 AMRight out of “Pulp Fiction”

I get a lot of frantic video production calls for help from folks who are in a bind either from problems of an external source or a royal screw up of their own making. I’m hesitant at first to step in until I can gather all the critical information. Usually, the problem stems from reaching out to an unfamiliar, less business empathetic video production outfit, or they attempted to try it themselves and it backfired.

There’s always a deadline involved so the pressure goes up exponentially. Honestly, I get more business like this than I do being called in from the git-go. Everyone’s a producer until the shit hits the screen. Lopsided video presentations that leave the viewer out of the equation will always fail and unmerciful criticism will soon be headed in your direction. Or worse, stone silence.

I have a love hate relationship with what I do given the nature of people’s expectations and taste and bringing some folks around to consciousness takes more than smelling salts.

When I do get on the scene of the crime, one certain condition should be met: Listen! If you don’t listen, I walk. Period. I figure I only have so many heartbeats left so I may as well do the types of creative work I enjoy. Period.

There’s usually only two options clients take, Madison Avenue or “home made bread”. The first is wildly expensive, time consuming and overwhelming and the second is a shaky, cheapo, iPhone production from hell. Some are actually headed to an external audience. Why don’t you just claim bankruptcy and head for the soup kitchen?

I lost a bid once to do a marketing video for a clueless marketing communications manager. The yellow colors of their logo didn’t show up well on a DVD. Another company said it wouldn’t be a problem.

A month later she called me into her office and showed me the finished product. She was almost in tears. They put a flash file on the DVD the size of a postage stamp. Have to say, the yellows were beautiful. Pretty slick. Twenty grand down the flusher. When I left her office she was still scratching her head.

As Mr. Wolf would say, “If you don’t listen to me, I’m out and you’re on your own. 15 years of this nuttiness will change you. It’s changed me. Forever. I was just thinking, I make a mean pizza.

If you have any questions or need advice, please feel free to reach out to me here.

Bob O’Hearn

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