The Good “Old” Days.


Who knew these declining years would be so wonderful? Who knew I would still be out there kicking ass and taking names? Who knew I would be living happily alone in a Spartan paradise and flourishing?

Who knew I would reach my mid-seventies and have the body and libido of a high school student without the use of PEDS, (performing enhancing drugs) like steroids, testosterone or SARMS?

A typical day for me is bed at 5:00 pm, up at midnight for a five mile run, some stretching, a healthy breakfast, maybe a nap, and then on to my creative endeavors which include writing my book “The Elder Athlete”, researching health and fitness articles, playing guitar, piano and song writing.

I prepare my food for the upcoming day and then at 5:00 am I jump on my bike for my 35 minute commute through the Arizona landscape.

It is out there in the balmy desert that I am assured that there is, indeed, a God.

After a full day, (which could include as many as 20,000 additional steps) I’m back on my bike for the ride home.

I hit the shower first and then the popcorn machine button and soon I’m ready for bed with very little tossing and turning.

As you can imagine.

By this time I have been rode hard and put up wet and grateful.

I told you all that to say this: It is never too late to get back to you. Yes, you may stray, as I did, but you can always come home.

Your body remembers where you left off. You have muscle memory in your favor and it doesn’t take much to stir up that old wonder in you.

Some of you might be anticipating a long painful withdrawal from this life but I can assure you it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can keep creating and growing until the final bell if you put the work in now.

Yes, the good “old” days. It’s what we’ve worked for, enjoy it.

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