The corner of my eye.

Sometimes when I’m working, I leave the TV on without the sound. Some of the commercials I witness are so idiotic and over the top, I shudder.

As a veteran corporate video producer and editor, I know first hand that nothing that hits the screen is an accident.

The opposite is true. Every gesture, vowel and nuance is meticulously edited in.

It is thought about, written, re-written, wrangled over, shot, re-shot and overproduced with drop-fame premeditation.

They bring in psychiatrists, psychologists and even a Freudian analyst, like Herta Herzog, who they brought in when they were shooting an early Alka-Seltzer commercial in the 1960’s.

When they started to shoot a hand dropping a single tablet into a glass of water, she said, “drop two in , you’ll sell more.” And they did. (Also see: rinse and repeat)

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