The Bob and Weave:

Total fitness requires access and proximity. Now that the current dilemma is driving us inward, this is the time to discuss why we might benefit and become even more fit by working out at home. At this time, serious consideration should be given to setting up our home gyms permanently.

One of the largest concerns we have is blocking out time. Seeing that “place” has already been ruled out and time always seems to be an issue, I have a solution: What I do is “weave” my workouts into my daily schedule. As I’m getting ready for work, I will do some jumping jacks in between making lunch and laying my clothes out.

If I’m watching TV, I will “hit the deck” and do crunches, push-ups and hamstring stretches. I will weave some dips, curls and air squats into my routine in no particular order just to shake things up. The body will always respond better when you throw it some curve balls. It works!

Your workout doesn’t have to be blocked out, driven to, or paid for in a monthly subscription. Most of you have seen my sparse gym setup, complete with cables, dumbbells and dipping bars. This is the most effective way I have found to keep my aging carcass bouncing around. So remember, you don’t have to go anywhere or set aside a time block to be fit beyond your wildest, all you gotta do is “Bob and weave.”

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