Suddenly Single?

Exec Pleading

In the weeks and months to come I will be sharing excerpts from my new Harper-Collins book release entitled “Suddenly Single,” creatively subtitled “A knife, a fork, one bowl and a bottle of Whiteout.”

Gleaned from my lean years as a single sales rep transported to Arizona while still earning minimum wage.

These valuable habits are with me today. I still drink my coffee from a paper cup and sleep on top of a made bed with a suit on.

Talk about quick exits! You’ll be on the road before your competition hits the toilet seat.

Ha! You say? “I’m not single and don’t plan on it either.”

Well Bucko, once you retire, start spending more time around the house and your wife sees what you’re really like… guess what, you’ll be “Suddenly Single” too.

Don’t wait to get thrown out, call today. Learn how to get the most from leftovers at a business lunch. For instance, Chinese food will last for weeks in your trunk due to the chemical content.

I got a million of ’em. Pre-Order “Suddenly Single” today and learn how to survive and thrive. No more dumpster diving for you.

Yours in homelessness,

The Bobo Man

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