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Get Over Yourself

New year. New dilemmas. I have such a low tolerance for repetition it feels like a curse. With me it’s “everything all the time” and more. I am constantly reinventing and reworking my approach to things. I live in a state of exuberant anticipation. Of what, you say? Everything! As soon as any new technology hits the street, I’m on it. How’s it work? How can I use it? Where’s the application in the business world?

This accounts for the house full of computers, software and production gear that drives my wife to the brink. We haven’t been able to use our garage in five years. And the beat goes on.

Forget work-life balance, there’s plenty of time to rest when you’re dead. Right now, everything seems to be happening at once and I can’t get enough. I have notebooks in every room of the house along with business books and ripped out pages of Inc. and Harvard Business Review.

My Kindle has 250 books in it and only three are not about business, strategy, negotiation and software manuals. I take them in the tub with me at night as part of my wind down ritual but if I stumble on to some concept I can use in my business, it’s like touching the third rail. I’ll get on the computer wet and naked with a belly full of melatonin and my dogs staring at me with their heads cocked. Well, there goes that healthy eight hours.

My wife reminds me of the time I was reading a computer magazine in the bath and said “Hey, honey, you know they have a way of hooking a camera up to a computer and edit the footage? Talk about a watershed moment. I remember trying to learn guitar as a kid and as soon as I was able to form a G chord, I said, “OK, who wants to be in my band?” The curse.

Would I change anything? Not a chance. This is my drug of choice and the fact that I can utilize new technology immediately gives me such a rush, I have to run down to my elliptical. Change, challenge and charges. Just read an article about the new On Demand Economy and I couldn’t finish my breakfast. I ran to my studio and started pounding out my next move on my blog with my dog licking scrambled eggs off my sneakers. Does it get any better?

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing is what I live by. Just squeeze the life out the last big thing and move on. What a junky! My father was always lecturing me on the concept of moderation. I told him we’d all still be living in caves if the world was like him and his moderate friends.

Once he came into my room unannounced and said “Hey, kid, if you keep that up you’ll go blind.” I said, “Dad, I’m over here”.

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