Solitary Refinement

In my three year seclusion after my existential crash at 70 years old, and having watched my business, my marriage and my will power collapse, causing me a lengthy but life saving stay at a VA Rehab Unit, I must say I’ve been a busy boy. I call it my three year experiment in self sufficiency. In this time I have grown as a:
Song writer
Musical arranger
Recording artist
Web designer
Video producer
Video editor
Graphics designer
Long distance runner
And besides becoming an “Elder Athlete,” I have become certified as a:
Personal trainer
Nutrition specialist
Senior fitness specialist
Weight loss specialist
Dual licensed insurance broker
And an expert chief cook and bottle washer in the area of healthy eating.
I mean, who had time for a relapse?
I guess you could call me a Thoreau back to an earlier time. 🙂

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