Seeking Discomfort

My motives are always in question. Why do I put myself in such physical and emotional duress? I leap at any chance to fail in front of friends, family and the world. The bigger the venue, the better.

To take the stage, I have passed blood, been covered in flop sweat, received stinging rebukes, lost money, pride and future opportunities and still my ears prick up and my heart races at the whiff of another chance to expose myself to the world for the fool that I am.

Because it makes me uncomfortable.

I constantly seek discomfort. Because I know the value of discomfort. Discomfort develops us.

We were born in discomfort.

I train my body when my body doesn’t feel like it. I run when I can walk, walk when I can ride. I practice difficult piano passages until my hands hurt.

I lift heavy weights, train like a dog and live like a Spartan. It can be very uncomfortable.

Never live your life untested, or you will never reach your potential. You will never know what you’re capable of.

As my mother told me once, “Life is like Las Vegas, no balls, no blue chips.”

Seek discomfort before it seeks you. 🙂



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