So here’s what I do. I’ve been out in the Arizona job market for one year and I have been rode hard and put up wet.

Soooo…when someone has the nerve, a recruiter, a business owner, or hiring manager, to let me have one between the cheeks, I blow the dust off of my keyboard and get to work.

I respond in kind. My kind. I have a catalogue of idiotic encounters that would fill a business book.

The mind boggles.

One miscreant, who behaved badly by wasting a lot of my time, lying like a sack of shit and then never calling me back, received a personalized blog in his e-mail this morning. Crafted by yours truly.

It was an interesting story, one full of lies and deceit. Starring him. He thinks it’s going into circulation. Everywhere. He is losing his shit as we speak.

They just think you’ll slink off and lick your wounds. Not these days.

I get even… because I can.

And I do.

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