Offensive Language

What I got from my rough and tumble life over the last three years: Never wake up on defense.

Step on the gas and don’t let up. Get momentum on your side.

When I open my eyes at 1:00 am, it’s on. I immediately go on the offense. I don’t ponder, I act.

I don’t question my existence or my circumstance.

I don’t roll the dice and I don’t ask for anything.

The goal is to seize the moment. There are no weeny words spoken, no prayers for help and none expected.

I don’t do doubt, uncertainty, or WTF! I don’t do defense. In defense you’re a sitting duck.

There is simply no time. Not at this stage of the game. I strike first and ask questions later.

I breath words like move, seize, strike, push, and focus into my waking reality.

I don’t use ..if…hope, mercy, maybe or perchance. I don’t play odds.

I know exactly where I am and what I’m supposed to do. It’s all offense, no defense all the time.

The day is yours for the taking. Seize it!  Stay off the defense and you’ll survive the day.

You just need to use a little offensive language.


Please note: I welcome comments that are offensive, illogical or off-topic from readers in all states of consciousness.

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